Wednesday, April 09, 2008

Finding time to blog

I've found it challenging to make time to post to this blog. What is blog-worthy? What is worth spending the time on? I guess I'll try and think about it more, post more regularly and see what happens.

Stay tuned.....

If you have ideas on how to get inspired to blog, please let me know!


ljunker said...

I definitely go through blogging dry periods, too. (I'm lucky that on Acronym there are other bloggers who pick things up when I'm struggling for ideas for posts.)

One thing that I've found helpful is just to open a file to jot down ideas whenever they occur to me--even if I can't write a post just then. I'll also cut and paste other blog posts or articles I read that I find inspiring into the file. That way, when I need an idea, I have a ready-made resource to fall back on.

I've also found that it helps to just flat-out require myself to post on a certain schedule. That way, I make sure to set aside the time--rather than waiting for the time to appear, because, honestly, when does a block of free time just appear spontaneously?

Good luck with your blogging!

Kare Anderson said...

How about more ideas as you offered in the last (still timely) post?:

"Steve Kantor, who conceived the idea of a book gathering the thoughts of 1,000+ REALTORS® about how to stay successful in a down market

Such ideas are both Realtor-specific and great "content"-based methods for many of us who are not Realtors.

I admire you and recognize you have the acumen to cull such ideas in your work and elsewhere.

Plus, in this Age of Engagement, you might invite us readers to submit our "content"-based ideas for becoming more successful - and savoring our lives with others.

To prime the pump, here are some "Me2WE" ideas on how to attract clients, even in a bad economy:

kare Anderson said...

With all the tumult in the home ownership market your keen insight would be precious

your fan